Singapore Institute of Food Science and Technology

Food Product Award 2024 – 2026

SIFST would like to congratulate the following winners of SIFST Food Product Awards 2024 – 2026. 

The winners are also the finalists of Global Food Industry Award 2024 that will be held in Rimini, Italy in September 2024 during 22nd World Congress of Food Science and Technology

SIFST Innovation Award


Truely Pineapple Tart by Chinatown Food Corporation Pte Ltd


Planteus Dulce de Leche by Protein Plus Group Pte Ltd

SIFST Healthier Choice Award


100PLUS PRO High Protein Cultured Milk Flavoured Drink by F&N Global Marketing Pte Ltd


Yeo’s Immuno Soy by YHS (Singapore) Pte Ltd

SIFST Best Food Product Award


KOKA – Multigrain Oats & Barley Noodles – Truffle Mushroom flavour by Tat Hui Foods Pte Ltd


The Cookie Museum Taste Singapore, Taste the World: Handmade Cookie Collection by The V Pte Ltd

Food Product Awards 2024 – 2026

SIFST has brought together a total of 8 local companies, showcasing a diverse array of food product creativity. Together, we have unveiled 16 newly launched food products, each one a testament to innovation and ingenuity:


  1. Yeo’s First Harvest Green Tea

  • Brew with tea leaf buds from the first harvest each Spring
  • Best flavour, aroma, and rich in nutrients
  • Qualify for Healthier Choice Award

2. Yeo’s Immuno Soy

  • Fortified with vitamins and nutrients (including B6, Zinc and Calcium)
  • 25% more calcium, 78% more protein, lower in sugar than regular soy beverages.
  • Qualify for Healthier Choice Award

3. 100 PLUS PRO High Protein Cultured Milk Flavoured Drink

  • Protein and electrolyte beverage support muscle recovery while fueling and hydrating body’s needs throughout pre-, during-, and post-training sessions.
  • Qualify for Healthier Choice Award

4. The Cookie Museum – Taste Singapore, Taste the World: Handmade Cookie Collection

  • No addition of eggs, dairy, artificial colouring and preservatives
  • Low in sugar

5. The Cookie Museum – Forest Fruitcakes: Artisanal Liquor Fruitcake Collection

  • Energy-packed and nutrient-dense
  • No artificial colouring additives and preservatives added

6. The Cookie Museum – World’s First Ice-Ice Cookie Collection

  • Cookie with icy sensation of chilled cocktails, beverages and desserts

7. Chinatown – Truly Pineapple Tart

  • First and only fresh frozen pineapple tart in the retail market
  • Enjoy festive goodies all year round

8. Chinatown – Pan Fried Sesame Coin Mochi

  • Classic traditional treat with the same goodness with more convenience

9. Protein Plus – Planteus Dulce de Leche

  • Vegan caramel spread offering a healthier option for those with lactose intolerance, dairy allergies or other dietary restrictions.

10. EATNUF Almond Butter

  • Intense almond taste and creamy texture
  • Easy spreading even when refrigerated
  • No oil separation

11. KOKA – Multigrain Oats & Barley Noodles: Truffle Mushroom Flavour

  • All natural wholesome ingredients
  • Lower fat and sodium content, higher protein level, absence of additives
  • Qualify for Healthier Choice Award

12. KOKA – Multigrain Purple Corn Noodles: Chili Lime Flavour

  • High in antioxidants (3400 micromoles of Antioxidant activity per 100g)
  • Higher in wholegrains, lower in fat and sodium
  • Qualify for Healthier Choice Award

13. MindoFoods – Vegetarian Multi-Purpose Nutri Salt

  • Multi-purpose and versatile seasoning salt with herbs offering various health benefits

14. MindoFoods – Plant-based Curry Paste

  • All natural ingredients
  • Ideal for vegetarian, vegans etc

15. MindoFoods – Vegetarian Rendang

  • All natural ingredients
  • Use of fruits in place of sugar

16. MindoFoods – Vegetarian Belacan

  • All natural ingredients
  • Added vitamin C

Special thanks to our judges: Dr. Mei Horng Ong, Dr. Mun Wai Lee, Ms. Debra Soon, Chef Nicolas Low and Ms. Chong Nyet Chin for their invaluable dedication and commitment of time towards evaluating the submissions.

Results will be announced in April – May 2024!